Each morning the students meet in chapel for morning prayer and a daily Word. Four students are selected to make a prayer sandwich which entails…Bread (Thankfulness) Meat (Asking for Forgiveness) Cheese (Asking for Blessings) Bread (Prayer requests and Thankfulness) The students of all ages love being a part of our Prayer Sandwich!

Every Wednesday, a different classroom from the 2 year olds and up, sponsors Chapel and present the message to the rest of the student body through song, praise. or a skit.

Each day, the students meet in the Chapel to learn about prominent figures in Black History. Our culminating project is a Black History Program that is held the third Thursday in February at 6p.m.


Abeka Book is the chosen curriculum for A.S.A. but we add an above and beyond component that includes advanced level learning with a S.T.E.A.M. component at each grade level.

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