Developing our Leaders of Tomorrow

with Christian values and principles today

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Welcome to ASA Christian Academy

ASA Christian Academy is a private S.T.E.A.M. school nestled in the residential area of Hazelwood, Missouri. Our offerings include small class sizes on a nine acre campus, 2 play grounds, a ball field, a variety of educational techniques, and a group of staff and faculty who stand ready to assist families with all their educational needs. We value each of our students as individuals with something to offer to our community. Learning from one another and creating a community of Learners, Thinkers, and Doers, our students embrace diversity with love and respect for each individual.

6 weeks – 4th Grade Christian Education in Hazelwood, MO


Vision Statement

Students from ASA Christian Academy will acquire a Christian education that will allow them to develop a Biblical view of the world witnessed through character, knowledge, service, leadership, stewardship, and worship.

Philosophy of Education

We hold that it is important for students to have experiences alone and with other students and adults in a safe environment where individual abilities can be explored. Our philosophy encompasses the belief that parents are vital in the classroom to maintain discipline, observe children, develop continuity between home and school, to provide a source of information, and to boost the child’s confidence by considering him/her important enough to take time to be involved with him/her in special group programs. ASA Christian Academy treasures academic structure, encourages and praises meaningful, individual achievement, and fosters virtue.


The mission of ASA Christian Academy is to provide each child with a sound, Christian education and to partner with the family, church and community to help them to develop into well rounded leaders of tomorrow. ASA provides access to families seeking a challenging curriculum, small class sizes and community commitment

Of Our Students


Test at least 2 grades above their level

Average Student Per Teacher Ratio

We are committed to providing an optimal Student/Teacher ratio



To developing the leaders of tomorrow with Christian values and principles today

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ASA Christian Academy

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