Tuition based on yearly total there is no reduction in fees for any missed days

Tuition and Fees

It is our goal to keep tuition at a level that makes an ASA education accessible for as many Christian families in the St. Louis region as possible. This allows us  to develop more leaders of tomorrow with Christian values and principles today.

Tuition dollars are not used to provide for facilities improvements or major program additions. Our annual giving support keeps us moving forward as tuition funds the daily learning experiences for every student.


  • $162.50 per week
  • $650 per month

2-3 Year old class

Fully Potty Trained

  • $147.50 per week
  • $590 per month

Not Fully Potty Trained

  • $162.50 per week
  • $650 per month

3-4 year old class

  • $142.50 per week
  • $570 per month

Jr. Kindergarten

  • $137.50 per week
  • $550 per month


  • $540 per month
  • $135.00 per week

1st – 6th grade

  • $125.00 per week
  • $500 per month

Statement on Tuition Commitment

The obligation to pay tuition and fees for the entire year is unconditional; no portion of such tuition either paid or outstanding will be refunded or cancelled, notwithstanding the subsequent absence, withdrawal, or dismissal of the student from ASA.

Weekly tuition payments are not accepted, but are posted for reference purposes only.

All Kindergarten students must be 5 years old by July 31, of the school year. Registration Deadline is July 31 or until classes are full. Late registration fee $100