The Norfolks

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Thank you, Dr. Strickland!

We pray that God blesses you in more ways than you could ever imagine! We thank Him for giving you the vision for ASA. We have never seen anything like this! Our daughter is the happiest and most secure we have EVER seen her at school and it is our hope that she will be at ASA Christian Academy until there are no more grades for her to attend there.

We have never been happier as parents! The love and level of education that our daughter has received gives us peace of mind. WE love her more than words could ever express and want to giver her the best that we can. ASA has afforded us the opportunity to do so.

Your love and passion for what you do shines through every interaction with your students. We appreciate all that you do to include us, as parents, and ensure that we are comfortable. We love you and wish you a Happy New Year!

August 18, 2015

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