The mission of ASA Christian Academy is to provide each child with a sound, Christian education and to partner with the family, church and community to help them to develop into well rounded leaders of tomorrow. ASA provides access to families seeking a challenging curriculum, small class sizes and community commitment


Developing our leaders of tomorrow with Christian values and principles today

ASA Christian Academy’s mission reflects two dimensions that define the purposes of the organization and its intended contributions to improving the education of children who are served through its efforts. The two dimensions are:

Developing – Helping our students realize their abilities to become leaders in the community and beyond with the right combination of leadership and follow-ship

Christian values and principles – Preparing students be able to make the right choices based on working with the family, church and community to build on Christian experiences and studies; and never compromising on making the right choice.

Philosophy of Education

We hold that it is important for students to have experiences alone and with other students and adults in a safe environment where individual abilities can be explored. Our philosophy encompasses the belief that parents are vital in the classroom to maintain discipline, observe children, develop continuity between home and school, to provide a source of information, and to boost the child’s confidence by considering him/her important enough to take time to be involved with him/her in special group programs. ASA Christian Academy treasures academic structure, encourages and praises meaningful, individual achievement, and fosters virtue.